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Eden park
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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural understanding

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) of our children is essential to the way we work at Eden Park and is fully explained in our policy.

We believe that our four core values of Creativity, Independence, Teamwork and Respect support the children with their SMSC understanding and these form the cornerstones of our Learning Experiences. These are partnered with British values to deliver a highly effective curriculum model. As a result, the Learning Experiences that the children receive directly support the teaching of at least one of the areas of spiritual, moral, social or cultural development.

The following are only some of the examples of teaching and development in this area being directly linked to our curriculum:

Key Stage One:                                            

Help the Heroes”: Respecting the environment around us and inventing methods of how to recycle. (Social and Moral)

Light Fantastic”: exploring the meaning of light in religion, including Christianity and Hinduism. (Moral and Spiritual)

Around the World”:  discovering how different countries and cultures live and celebrate. (Cultural and Social)

Year 3 and 4:                                                  

Community Matters”: community challenges based around the three different communities of the school, the locality and the earth.  (Spiritual and Social)

Menagerie Madness”: creating a zoo exhibit of different habitats, looking at responsibility to protect animals and their habitats. (Moral)

Lights, Camera, Action”: Investigating and reporting on aspects of Brixham, including the landscape and history which shape it, alongside its cultural and economic influences. (Cultural and Social)

Art Attack”:  how people have been inspired by their religion to create art. (Cultural and Spiritual)

Year 5 and 6:

Peruvian Press”:  writing a newspaper and song to inform our friends in Peru of life in a British coastal town. (Cultural)

What a load of rubbish”: a debate on the building of the Belmonte dam. (Cultural and moral)

I am a believer”: a study of the moral parables of the bible and an interpretation of them in modern life. (Spiritual)

 “Crucial careers”: a consideration of careers that lead to a stronger and more harmonious society. (Social)


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