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Home Learning

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new section of our website.

With the growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, school closures and how this will impact Eden Park and your child’s learning, our teachers have created home learning packs which can be downloaded on this website. They have also made suggestions of website links and other ideas to keep your children engaged.

Pre-approved links - Plenty of activities for every subject to keep you busy! - A website to help children develop their I.T skills and learn how to code! A complete guide to the Maths curriculum - Personalise online courses provided by a non-profit organisation Famous people reading our favourite stories! - Lots of fun maths games - Sign up to access ebooks, suitable from nursery age to Year 6. Guidance to support parents in helping children to read

Youtube Channels

Crash course kids- - Tutorial videos

Scishow – Exploring all of the questions that make us ask “why”?

We encourage learning of any form so please feel free to use suggestions or home learning packs from any year group. We would also encourage children of different ages in your household to learn together and if your nine-year-old wants to do some work suggested for an eleven-year-old or even a seven-year-old, that is fine as long as they are learning.

Alongside this, we feel this is a great opportunity for our children to develop their wider personal development. Some activities which we would encourage include:

  • planting seeds or gardening
  • baking cakes or learning how to cook
  • sewing
  • helping around the house – learn how to do the laundry, help with washing up
  • playing traditional games (eg. Snakes & Ladders or Noughts & Crosses)
  • playing number-based board games (eg. Monopoly)
  • playing word-based board games (eg. Boggle, Scrabble, Hangman)
  • junk modelling and creating art (like collaging) from recycled products
  • write and illustrate a story book for younger children which could go into our school library
  • write a letter to a member of your family
  • put on some music & have a dance
  • read!!

We thank you for your continued support and hope that you are all managing to keep well at this time.

Kind regards

Mr Morgan

address Eden Park Primary and Nursery School
Eden Park

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