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Eden park
primary and nursery

Our Curriculum


The school has developed an outstanding curriculum which delivers exciting and inspirational learning experiences to all pupils. This is greatly enhanced by all the music, sport and art offered to the pupils as well as the wonderful outdoor learning area.”  (2013)

“The innovative curriculum’s breadth and richness is a real strength of the school and has been instrumental in improving pupils’ progress. It inspires pupils and raises their aspirations for the future.” (2013)

"The broad curriculum motivates pupils to learn" (2017)

"She really enjoys learning via all the different methods - projects, visits, hooks, trips, parents invited in and online activities. Such great variety." (Parent Survey, 2018)

We try to make children’s learning exciting, fun, meaningful and challenging. We insist on high standards which we are then proud to share.

  • Our work starts with an exciting experience or challenge to capture the children’s interest and generate enthusiasm
  • Learning skills, curriculum skills and knowledge are taught rigorously through a range of engaging and challenging activities. Details of the skills taught can be found on this page.
  • A high quality outcome brings together the children’s learning in a meaningful way and is shared with parents and the community

In this way the children's learning is always given a context. This structure allows our children to become immensely proud of their own achievements.

The curriculum skills breakdown taught for reading, writing and maths can be found on this page. These form the basis of our teaching in these areas and are also used to structure our assessment. Also available here are our “skills ladders” that set out the framework for our teaching in all other areas of the curriculum such as History or Art and ensure our curriculum is both broad and balanced.

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum, please call and book an appointment with our Head of School, Ian Morgan, who will happily take you on a tour. Alternatively, please find the relevant policy on this page  by clicking on the 'Teaching and Learning Eden Park Primary' link. You may also enjoy watching our curriculum video, found on our main “Teaching and Learning Page,” that helps explain how our curriculum is so successful.

"His confidence is growing and he seems to be flourishing. he is very enthusiastic about the projects." (School report return, 2019) 

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Eden Park

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