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Eden park
primary and nursery

Pupil Leadership

Eden Park has a very busy School Council with class members from across the setting who have been elected democratically to represent the views of the class at regular meetings.

The Council is split into working parties to complete projects created by them which address the views of the pupil body and work towards whole school improvement priorities.

Some of the examples of the types of teams are:

Charity: responsible for selecting and supporting charity events across the school.  Every year, they select a local, national and international charity to support as well as organise events to support these worthy causes. We currently support Children In Need, the Poppy Appeal and Oxfam. We have recently begun to consider fund raising also to purchase a defibrillator as a local charity event.

Play council: children access this with requests for improvements in the lunch and play provision, including zones, equipment and rotas. This council need to work closely with our MDAs.

As well as a School Council, the older children have the opportunity to join (via application and interview!) the school Pupil Leadership teams. Each one of the teams has a manager to ensure roles are fulfilled each day and who is responsible for the rotas.

Currently we have a number of Pupil Leadership teams. These are:

Eco Warriors: involved with all aspects of energy conservation and the presentation of a healthy environment.

Resources: setting up areas around the school to ensure better plays and lunches including the reading area, skipping area and a zone dedicated to art and craft.

Play leaders: who organise games in a dedicated zone on the play-ground.

Tech Team: organising the stage, music, lights, microphones and props for our many shows.

Food Ambassadors: helping in Coastal Café, with serving the salad bar, helping younger children and keeping water replenished.

"he is now far from the frightened shy boy who moved to eden park. you have done wonders with him!" (school report return, 2019)

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