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Eden park
primary and nursery

Reception classes

Eden Park’s Early Years Foundation Stage is made up of two reception classes and two nurseries. Our two reception classes, Ladybirds and Grasshoppers, are joined alongside our Frogs 3 year old nursery. This allows teachers and children to become familiar with one another and develop good relationships to enable a smooth transition into Reception. Teachers and Nursery Managers work closely together to ensure consistency of practice, as well as enabling environments for children to thrive in.

The Early Years Foundation Stage makes a huge impact on children’s early development and learning. We provide children with a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences, which are tailored to their individual needs. The Foundation Stage is all about developing the key learning skills such as speaking and listening, turn taking and developing relationships, whilst developing a healthy attitude for learning.

Children in Reception learn to read and write through our Read, Write, Inc. programme, as well as through adult-led activities, which children can access throughout their continuous provision. Children are taught maths skills, as part of an adult led session, which children are encouraged to explore in their own play.

Also included in the children’s continuous provision are lots of maths activities, which include number and shape, as well as opportunities to create, design, perform, explore, experiment, challenge, get messy, read, dress up and act out. These activities and opportunities are based on the children’s development as well as their interests.

Below are documents available to develop your understanding of how you can support your child at home as well as some useful websites:

“A fantastic school. My son’s progress is great… I have found the school very supportive and helpful.” (Parent Survey, 2019)

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