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Eden park
primary and nursery

Special Needs

"The school works really hard to ensure my child’s individual needs are met, working with us as parents to continue to improve his learning." (Parent Survey, 2019)

Our school offer can be found following the link on the right hand side of this page. Our Offer illustrates the range of expertise we can offer. We work alongside children to achieve positive outcomes and frequently design individualised programmes.

We believe that you begin with the child, observations in the classroom is usually where we start. We like you to keep talking to us in order for is to have a very clear picture of the needs of your child. We will arrange to meet with you regularly so there is clarity and consistency around what is needed.

We are able to offer a great deal of experience with special needs children and we create programmes where they are both supported in and out of class, sometimes individually or as part of a smaller group.

External professionals will be asked to contribute if needed.

"Eden Park's work is highly respected in the local authority. Their skills make an effective contribution to schools across Torbay in supporting inclusion." (Ofsted, 2017)

"Thank you for providing all the extra support he has needed to help him reach his full potential. You’re all amazing!"                  (Parent Survey, 2019)

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Eden Park

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