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Personal Development

We believe that our broad curriculum, with its emphasis on the essential of learning as well as the wide range of music, arts, community events and PE all work together to develop the children at Eden Park extremely well. This allows the school to actively promote the personal development of pupils.

In addition we believe that our four core values of Creativity, Independence, Teamwork and Respect support the children with their personal development and these form the cornerstones of every one of our Learning Experiences. They are planned for and taught. They are integral to our learning and a praised and recognised.  They are used to help pupils’ build resilience, confidence and independence.

The school takes full account of children’s mental health and sense of well-being, and actively celebrates the success of the children both in and out of school through assemblies and weekly newsletters. This is accompanied by a gradual move to holding meaningful responsibilities through pupil leadership roles for older children.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) of our children is essential to the way we work at Eden Park Primary and Nursery School and is fully explained in our policy.

These are partnered with British values to deliver a highly effective curriculum model and filter throughout the life of the school. For example, the school runs a fully supported school council to value democracy and the relationship between democracy and our core values of respect and teamwork are consistently strong.  

The following are only some of the examples of how both SMSC and British values being directly linked to our curriculum. Our full curriculum can be found on this website:

Key Stage One:   

The Fantastic Farmer”: The creation of a Farm shop to sell products with the profits supporting a farming charity in Africa. (Social and Moral/ Rule of law/ Teamwork)

Saving the World": A show about a penguin that saves the world through serious environmental messages. (Respect/ Mutual respect and tolerance)

Mazza India”: Discovering how a different culture lives and celebrate. (Cultural and Social/ Individual liberty/ Teamwork/ Creativity)                                            

Year 3 and 4:      

Inside Out”: A detailed look at emotions and repossess, making inferences and connections. (Spiritual, Social and Moral/ Individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance)

Our Jungle Book”: Studying ‘The Great Kapok Tree,’ then writing our own story based on this to persuade the local council to look after our woodlands, looking at responsibility to protect animals and their habitats. Culminating in a show. (Moral/ Democracy and the Rule of Law)

Jet Set Go”: Investigating countries around the world in terms of geography and culture to produce persuasive text. (Cultural and Moral/ Respect and tolerance)

Year 5 and 6:

Night at the Museum”: A study of four ancient civilisations and their influences upon modern society. (Spiritual and Cultural/ Democracy)

Blue Planet III”: An examination into the environmental impact of humans. (Cultural and Moral/ Democracy)

Beyond Reasonable Doubt": An opportunity to explore the criminal justice system and take part in a mock court. (Moral/ Rule of Law)

 “­Dragons’ Den": An exciting experience in which children start and run their own businesses, raising money for the school, themselves and to invest in a 3rd world entrepreneur. (Social and Moral/ Individual liberty)

Annual Christmas Carol Services

Every year, pupils from Reception up to Year 6 visit St Mary's Church in Brixham to perform in our annual Christmas Carol Services. Please follow the link below to view a clip of our Year 6 pupils performing Somewhere In My Memory from the film Home Alone.


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