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Eden park
primary and nursery school

Art Graduate Award

Frida Kahlo

Jacob Lawrence





  • What did Kahlo do which was seen as surreal?

  • Kahlo had known disabilities and continued on to being globally successful. What does this show you about Kahlo?

  • What was her work influenced by and why do you think this influenced her so strongly?

  • Over half of Kahlo’s paintings were self-portraits. Why were these seen as “disturbing”?

  • What was Lawrence inspired by and why?
  • His painting style is called “Dynamic Cubism”. Can you describe what this means?
  • What were Lawrence’s other successes?
  • By looking at his work, can you describe his life in Harlem and the African American culture at the time of his work?
  • How did Picasso’s work impact the world?
  • Why and how did Picasso’s “Cubism” period inspire other artists?
  • Which of Picasso’s most famous pieces is your favourite and why?
  • What inspired Picasso’s work?


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