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Eden park
primary and nursery


The school offers a weekly “Enrichment” session to every child in Key Stage One and Two. These are linked to the behaviour policy of the school and are offered in school time.  

The sessions are led by the staff with the aim of supporting the personal development of every pupil. The children are able elect to participate in an enrichment of their choice that they commit to being involved with for half a term.  The activities will offer a wide and varied range of opportunities and these can take many forms; they may at one time include enrichment activities such as additional sport, (e.g. volleyball) creative arts, (e.g. dance, singing or clay) curriculum enhancements, (e.g. maths challenges, creative writing sessions or coding) as well as activities not normally associated with a standard curriculum (e.g. Yoga or skateboarding).

In addition, the school runs several school clubs, some taking pace in the school day and others after school. These can include sport, music, acting and also additional tuition in maths or writing.

The school runs the Children's University scheme which rewards children for their attendance at clubs and activities. We issue the passports free to encourage greater participation and have reward assemblies to receive certificates.  Those with enough signatures in their passport get to "graduate" at Plymouth University! 

"A fantastic school, with fabulous teachers. Thank you all for working as hard as you all do." (Parent Survey, 2019)

address Eden Park Primary and Nursery School
Eden Park

phone 01803 854011