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Eden park
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Growth Mindset

The School Council set the adults a challenge at the beginning of the term “can you prove that you are able to learn as well?” They asked all of the adults in the school, from teachers to assistants to office staff to see if they were willing to learn something new in a term. The idea was to show adults also learn, also find things difficult and also have to keep trying in order to be successful.

The Eden park staff rose the to challenge!! Over the last few months, us adults have been learning to dance, run half marathons, crochet, bake cakes, tap dance, speak Spanish, sing, play musical instruments, do “keepy uppies” with a football…..and dozens of other things, all of which the School Council have monitored and tracked via a display board. We call the learning of new skills “going into the pit” and supported each other in getting out of the pit through offering our own skills to each other.


The whole event ended with a fabulous assembly that the School Council ran, interviewing some of the adults about what their learning had been like, what they had found hard and how they managed to succeed.


The adults showed that they were just as good at learning as the children, given time, support, practice and determination.


Every new piece of learning starts with failure, the first step towards success.

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