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Eden park
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Pastoral Care


"A strong culture of safeguarding is evident in the school. The pastoral team follows up concerns swiftly  and is relentless in pursuing support for families." (Ofsted, 2017)

Here at Eden Park Primary and Nursery School, every child matters and all children need to feel safe, valued, special, appreciated and included. We want every child coming to our school to feel happy, content and confident, ready to embrace the day in our secure, caring and friendly environment. 

However, some children face many challenges, which means that some of their social and emotional needs may be greater than those of others. By using The Thrive Approach, we will help support and guide the children in our care, in a secure and friendly atmosphere, building on the element of trust and offering stability. By attuning to our children we will be able to support children further.

The school is very proud of its dedicated pastoral team that is able to offer support to both children and families with behaviour, special needs, attendance and emotional stability.

The school also runs a highly successful parenting programme. 1-2-3 Magic focuses on simple, friendly, effective child discipline. 1-2-3 Magic Parenting, helps parents raise well-behaved, happy, competent children and put the fun back into parenting!

"my son is exceeding here and that is down to the wonderful teachers and staff." (parent survey, 2019)

"Her learning has amazed me and she has flourished emotionally. She is confident and communicating with those around her."   (Parent Survey, 2018)



Deb Mawbey

Assistant Head
Pastoral Team Lead across Coast Academies,  Designated Safeguarding Lead and Attendance

Carrol Stephens

Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Across Coast Academies and Pastoral Support Worker at Eden Park

Charlotte Griffin


Liz Thomas

Thrive Worker

Leanne Shone

Attendance Team and Pastoral Admin Assistant


Pastoral Team Email:
Pastoral Team Direct Line - 01803 855300

The pastoral team at the school may be contacted either through the school phone number, or as a direct line 01803 855300 or via their email address.

"She has told us how well supported she feels in class." (School report return, 2019)

address Eden Park Primary and Nursery School
Eden Park

phone 01803 854011