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"i have noticed his progress and attitudes is always positive and this is down to the lovely atmosphere in the class." (school report return, 2019)

We are passionate about reading at Eden Park Nursery and Primary School.  We believe that reading is a passport to the world and therefore every child deserves the chance to become a reader.

Developing a love for reading in every child and providing a school culture rich in literature allows us to ‘feed pupils’ imagination and open up a treasure house of wonder and joy in curious young minds.’ National Curriculum in England, DfE, 2014.

As a school we teach children to read using the programme Read Write Inc. This ensures that we have a consistent, systematic and synthetic approach to phonics. Reading and fostering a love of reading is crucial which is why we start our RWInc programme in our Nurseries. This daily phonics programme is highly successful and the majority of children are able to reach age-related expectations by the end of Year 1.

RWInc: The simple View of Reading

Children will be taught to:

  • Learn to read and write the letter-sound correspondences quickly.
  • Decode effortlessly
  • Spell and handwrite easily
  • Comprehend what they read
  • Read with fluency and expression
  • Write confidently using oral rehearsal
  • Work effectively with a partner to articulate their learning at every step.

Once children graduate from RWInc. they move onto whole class reading lessons which are often structured using our DRIVE model:

D – Decode

R – Retrieve

I – Infer

V – Vocabulary

E – Explore

This model allows the children to explore high quality, age-related novels which build upon their vocabulary knowledge and reading skills.  Our structured approach to the teaching of reading provides children with a robust and sequential system that builds on their prior knowledge as well as develop their accuracy, prosody, pace and comprehension.

Each week, our reading lessons start by developing the children’s fluency and vocabulary. At Eden Park, we understand the importance of closing the vocabulary gap as it plays a fundamental role in the reading process and contributes greatly to a reader’s comprehension. Specific vocabulary from our class novel or text is chosen every week and the children are taught what the word means as well as synonyms, etymology and morphology. In terms of fluency, speed reads and timed challenges are used as well as strategies such as ‘echo reading’ to develop pace, expression and accuracy. Next, a particular objective is explored; prediction, inference, summarising, clarifying etc. and the children are taught how to use the novel to search for clues and use evidence from the books to justify their answers. Our week in reading, rounds off by focussing on comprehension where children learn how to skim and scan, in order to retrieve information quickly and efficiently.

To encourage independence and comprehension, older readers also use “Accelerated Reader”, a highly motivational resource to promote reading outside of school.

We also hold regular parent information and open classroom events so that families are able to support their children with the move towards becoming a skilled reader.

                                     Read Write Inc                 Accelerated Reader                    

"Our son has come on in leaps and bounds since starting school and loves it; he especially loves phonics, numbers and PE." (Parent Survey, 2021)

"The teacher recognized (her ability) quickly and is pushing her at every opportunity, and even giving her one-to-one time, which is fantastic." (Parent Survey, 2020)

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