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Eden park
primary and nursery


"i have noticed his progress and attitudes is always positive and this is down to the lovely atmosphere in the class." (school report return, 2019)

Reading is at the heart of the curriculum at Eden Park, a curriculum that aims to foster a love of books.

The school uses the Read Write Inc. approach to the early teaching of reading and this starts in our Nurseries.  This daily phonics programme is highly successful, very much enjoyed by the children and helps to encourage a love of books.

Children progress through a highly structured programme and daily reading throughout the school, being both taught to have the necessary skills to understand the written word and being able to enjoy a vast range of quality texts. To encourage independence and comprehension, older readers also use “Accelerated Reader, ”a highly motivational resource.

We also hold regular parent information and open classroom events so that families are able to support their children with the move towards becoming a skilled reader.

                                     Read Write Inc                 Accelerated Reader                                        

"She loves school and has progressed so much already."            (parent of Reception child, 2018)


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Eden Park

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