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Maths-tastic in KS2!

Taking a look at maths in KS2!

Year 3 have been discovering the many different ways of telling the time. Last week, there was a lot of converting between analogue to digital and then even to roman numerals. This week has been even more of a challenge as children have been using timetables of 12 hour times and 24 hour times to solve tricky problems. Every child believes they can now confidently use the time. They can even work out how long it is until lunchtime! William (Dolphins) explained that, "working out a 24 hour time is easy because all you do to is add 12 to the pm time”.

In Year 4, we have been learning about fractions! We have been using bar modelling to find fractions of amounts, and investigating whether we would rather have 1/2 of £100, 3/4 of £80 or 1/5 of £250.

In Year 5, we have been consolidating place value skills by playing a card game. The aim was to draw a card and place it on their grid. They had to create the biggest number possible to beat their partner using their knowledge of place value.

In Year 6, the children are in their final couple of weeks before SATs. One of the approaches they have taken is peer to peer teaching in which a child who is feeling confident about a particular area of maths shares their understanding with a child or children who have identified it as an area to develop. This both helps the learners and reinforces understanding for the ‘teacher’.


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