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Eden park
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Napoleonic Wars

Years 5/6 work hard on their topic of the Napoleonic wars

Throughout the last term, we worked hard to create a booklet for our parents, to inform them all about the Napoleonic wars. To create this, we split into separate classes to learn about different topics (such as the fort, the H.M.S. Victory, weaponry and the daily life of a soldier) and made a page each based on these. We were very excited to share these with parents on Berry Head for our outcome. When the day arrived, it was normal and quiet. It was sunny, but there was a refreshing breeze. A parent came over so we showed him our work. He read it with interest for about fifteen minutes before asking many questions – we didn’t even think of looking up! When we explored, we found the seaward facing side is now unprotected, however, the inland side is. After that, we clambered all over the twelve 44lb cannons and finished by soaking in the stunning sea views.


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